Printing Service

PS 16-9

Lower East Side Printshop offers artists and publishers full and affordable access to a variety of printmaking techniques. Our experienced Artistic Director/Master Printer Erik Hougen and his assistants hand-produce every project.

We collaborate with artists new to the medium as well as accomplished printmakers. We welcome challenges in making your artistic vision possible.

Services include plate/screen making, archival inkjet (digital) printing, transparency output, and editioning.

Techniques available are monoprint, intaglio, relief, waterbased silkscreen, and archival inkjet printing. Source images may be hand-drawn, photo-based, or digital. Maximum scale for traditional processes is approximately 35” x 50”.

We are pleased to offer professional archival inkjet printing services. Our Epson Stylus Pro printers produce transparencies 24″ and 42″ wide, and prints 24″, 44″, and 60″ wide, and of any length. Inkjet prints may be combined with all other printmaking techniques, including intaglio, silkscreen, relief, monotype, litho and chine collé. We can work with all kinds of digital images: pdf, tiff, psd, jpeg, etc. Our available software includes Photoshop and Illustrator. High resolution, to-scale files are required for digital projects.


Recent collaborations include Derrick Adams, Mark Bradford, Matthew Day Jackson, Arturo Herrera, Rashid Johnson, Ryan McGinness, Enoc Perez, Dread Scott, Kara Walker, Kelley Walker, and Hank Willis Thomas, with publishers such as Peter Blum Gallery, Bronx Museum, Lincoln Center, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., David Zwirner Gallery, Rush Arts Foundation, and many others.


  • Collaborative printmaking: $150/hour
    • One-on-one work with a printer
  • Drop-off printmaking: $120/hour
    • Drop off your originals and we will execute the project

Digital printing

  • 24″ wide paper and film
    • $3 per linear inch of paper length
    • $1.50 per linear inch of film length
  • 44″ wide paper and film
    • $7.50 per linear inch of paper length
    • $3 per linear inch of film length

For example, a 22″ x 30″ print would cost $3 x 30 = $90

$100 job minimum for digital printing (paper and film)

  •  $25 per scan (11 x 17 inches bed size)
  • Additional file and print work is $120/hour
  • Trimming and packing work is $120/hour
  • Packing for shipping:
    • $60 soft pack + FedEx rate
      $100 hard pack + FedEx rate

Rates include labor, basic materials and inks. Paper, plates and screens, specialty materials will be charged separately. A deposit will be required for larger projects. Free project materials are limited to standard brands and quality. Artists/publishers are responsible for checking their files for spelling, size, and quality errors.


Please contact the Printshop with a description of your project, size, and deadline to receive a reasonable quote.