Julia Elsas, Woodblock
Image courtesy of Julia Elsas


with Julia Elsas
5 weeks, Thursdays 6 – 9 pm
April 5 – May 3, 2018
Fee: $350   /  Includes 10 hours of free studio time.

This is an introductory course that teaches the basics of printmaking. Through monotype, intaglio, and relief, we will learn traditional and nontraditional methods for planning and printing an image. This class will cover paper tearing, setting appropriate printing press pressure, ink modification, chine collé, registration, and printing with multiple plates. We will learn techniques for applying ink, cutting into a wood and linoleum blocks, and working with drypoint. This class uses non-toxic inks.

Julia Elsas work encompasses printmaking, photography, collage, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, papermaking, installation, and performance. Past exhibitions and performances include: Drawing Center, New York, NY; Ortega y Gasset, Brooklyn, NY; International Print Center, New York, NY; Art Merge Lab, Los Angeles, CA; North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC; among others. This spring she was a resident fellow at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia. She is the owner and designer of RE/PRESS Editions, and she teaches printmaking and bookbinding at Montclair State University. More information can be found on her website:

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Intro to Screenprinting

with Roni Henning
6 weeks, Tuesdays 6 – 9 pm
April 17 – May 22, 2018
Fee: $425   /  Includes 12 hours of free studio time

Explore the wide range of possibilities in this versatile medium. Screenprinting allows you to easily print hand-drawn, photographic, and digital imagery on paper, fabric, and other surfaces in endless variety of colors. We will create handmade and photographic matrices and learn to use an exposure unit to make screens, and a vacuum press to print them. Topics will include screen preparation, color separation for multi-screen prints, correct color mixing, registration, screen monoprinting, editioning, and basic methods of printing onto t-shirts and other garments.

Roni Henning is the director and master printer of Henning Screenprint Workshop, NY, and is the author of two books on waterbased screenprinting. She has taught printmaking at New York Institute of Technology, and workshops at Rutgers University, Parsons School of Design, and many other universities and institutes throughout the country.

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Image courtesy of Karen Lederer

Monotype With Pochoir and Chine Collé

with Karen Lederer
5 weeks, Wednesdays, 6 – 9 pm
April 18 – May 16, 2018
Fee: $325 / Includes 10 hours of free studio time

This comprehensive workshop will teach you how to introduce pochoir and Chine Collé into one of the most liberating forms of printmaking, with an emphasis on experimentation and creativity. Pochoir is a stenciling technique that makes each of your images unique, and Chine Collé is a method of introducing color and exotic paper by way of collage. You will create innovative, colorful, one-of-a-kind prints using drawing, painting and stenciling. We will achieve a brilliant and rich palette with the most advanced waterbased non-toxic materials, and create highly developed monotypes and collages.

Karen Lederer is an accomplished New York artist and educator and a former Keyholder artist in residence. Exhibitions include Driscoll Babcock Gallery, IPCNY, RISD Museum, Field Projects and many others.

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with Evan Bellantone
4 weeks, Wednesdays 6 – 9 pm
May 23 – June 13, 2018
Fee: $275   /  Includes 8 hours of free studio time.

This course will introduce you to various methods of woodcut relief printmaking, including reduction block printing, stenciling and relief monoprinting techniques. This direct and versatile process is one of the oldest and direct methods of printing. In this class we will observe examples of woodblock prints by contemporary artists, learn how to translate an image to a block, carve images by hand, apply ink with rollers, and print by hand and on the press using oil-based inks. Also covered will be methods for creating images with multiple blocks and colors, registration, paper tearing, and alternative techniques to integrate with woodblock.

Evan Bellantone is a printmaker and artist working in New York City. Since 2011 he has worked as a printer at Jungle Press editions, working on projects with artists such as Ken Buhler, Ellen Gallagher and Nicole Eisenman. He has shown his work at the International Print Center New York and is currently an MFA candidate at Hunter College.

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